Please do your part to end Homelessness humanely with dignity

HHROC among others filing lawsuit on 5 South OC Cities pleading for Affordable Housing (not shelters)


Nice Day in Highland Park

Visited Neighborhood Art Park on 57th St and helped a couple homeless friends as well. Say Hi to Ron, 64 and Pancho, 54 who stay at this private park.

I Am Somebody

So pleased to have a show for 4 weeks with over 55 images. Thanks so much for your support

There it Went

Check out this great video

It's about how many projects you have each day

My Background


 In high school had a photography class and continued in college. My teacher taught the Zone system and we all worked in a dark room. Eventually put a dark room in my home. Now I only shoot digital with my Nikon D500 body. My go-to lenses are 10-24mm and 70-200mm 2.8E.  

How did you do it!



 Born in Jackson, Tennessee and raised in Long Beach, California. 1965 BSEE  from Long Beach State and left immediately to explore the world in Europe ending up for a year in Spain where I owned Bar Solarium in Palma de Mallorca. Returned to USA in 1967 and launched a very successful business in the first days of the PC Revolution. After 40 years sold the business and now spend 100% of my time in photography. In 1976 became official photographer for the Long Beach Grand Prix continuing until 1984. I also serve as Co-President of the Photographic Society of Orange County. Always have a camera in my hand. My number one peeve is when I attend an event and they do not allow cameras, yet iPhones are not even searched for or controlled. Especially at art galleries like the Annenberg Space for Photography that disallows cameras and photos of any kind.

Homeless Project


 I look for hope not despair. Taking photos of the homeless is in itself a work of art. Each one is different. Sometimes takes an hour to engage them and take a photo. Sometimes they throw things at you, others will cuss and call you names. Accuse you of making money on their photo. I have been spit on twice, once in Maui and other DTLA Skid-Row. The stories fill your inner-self quickly limiting how many conversations and photos you can take each outing. You are always in a state of re-evaluating what you are doing. One thing is constant- you present yourself as an artist and the door usually opens and what is inside is unimaginable.  

Homeless Solutions 2018-19

  • Pleased to have been selected to show my award winning photography at the symposium looking for Solutions to Homelessness. 
  • If you want to see my collection of Homeless Faces and Images please go to

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